10 Reasons Why Businesses Hate Doing Online Marketing



The internet is holding huge amount of information that you can imagine and use them for your advantage.

The internet has its clever way to attract your customers towards your business.

Before the rise of the internet, marketers can only do much. The internet has revolutionized how we run our business and how we maximize our revenues.

Now, the idea of targeting the right leads is no longer an idea but a reality.

We can qualify our leads or our prospects based on their activities on the internet.

And these activities reveal to us are a “gold mine” of information that can help us decide on our marketing strategy. These activities include user searches, website visits, demographic information, geographic location, and a number of other helpful factors.

Still, though, business owners who understand the benefits of using the internet are often hesitant to do so.

And if you are presenting the idea of internet marketing to your boss (if you’re an employee), often times your boss won’t get it.

Doing internet marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. Let it not intimidate you.

Even the creation of a complex corporate website can now be easily done by WordPress or any other easy to use CMS.

If you’re a business owner who’s thinking of leveraging the power of internet, then this post is for you.

So let’s take a look at some of the main reasons why some small business owners are still reluctant to fully utilize the power of the internet.


10. “I don’t have enough money.”



“I don’t have enough money”  is the common reason why we don’t go for internet marketing.

Internet marketing doesn’t have to be expensive.

For your information, digital marketing and website development were expensive years ago.

If this is the reason why you haven’t embraced the internet for your business, then you need to understand that web development and online marketing aren’t nearly as expensive as they once were. No, not an inch near.

Take note that most businesses who leverage the internet see the increase in customers, resulting in an increase of revenues.

This means having an online marketing strategy setup for your business isn’t really a cost for your business, it’s an investment in your business.

Having a strategy that markets your products and services to interested people online can dramatically increase the amount of customers you have coming into your business.

Your website, for example, will be like a sales person who is working around the clock to promote your business.

And it’s always working to get you more leads and customers.


9. “I don’t understand how it will work for me.”



One of the major reasons why some business owners are reluctant to setup online marketing for their business is they just don’t understand how it all works.

How does someone find their website online? How can they accept payments through their website? How do they receive emails and phone calls from people who visit their website?

For people who aren’t tech savvy, the thought of having a website for their business can be pretty daunting.

The thing is, you don’t need to know how it all works. You don’t need to know all the technical details of a website in order for the website to promote your business online.

All you need is someone who understands all aspects of the internet, and can bring you customers through your website.

As business owner, you should be focused on running the business, while you leave the “tech” and “web” stuff to a professional.


8. “I’ll just do it myself.”



This might be okay if your online marketing is already working or bringing you in revenues.

All you need to do is just few tweaks here and there.

But if you want strategy that is built specifically for your business that attracts leads, nurture them into prospects and turn them into more high paying customers, then you need to hire a professional.

There’s no point wasting your time on something that might not even do what it’s supposed to do. Hire a professional, and get the job done right.


7. ”We already have a Facebook account.”



Just because you’re posting on social media or you have some details on you profile, you think that’s enough online marketing to get customers you.


If you’re on social media, but you don’t have a proven working strategy, then you’re missing out big opportunity to convert more visitors into customers.


6. “Our customers don’t use the internet to find us.”

no internet

Some businesses (I hope you’re not one of them) think their consumers aren’t searching for them online.

They think that the internet doesn’t influence their prospects and customers, and they don’t see the need to invest into online marketing.

The reality is over 90% of consumers will search online for a local business before they even think about calling them or visiting them.

Regardless of how things have worked in the past or how they’re working currently, almost everybody is searching online for a local business before they do anything else.

And if you’re ignoring this fact, then you’re also ignoring all the potential customers you’re missing out on right now.


5. “I don’t have time to manage it.”

no time

A major reason why some small business owners object to having an online marketing in place is because they don’t want to take the time to execute it.


If you’re holding it off for the same reason, then you should realize that once your online marketing is setup, it pretty much runs itself.

It’s automated marketing.



4. “We had a website built, and it does nothing for us.”



If you’ve already got a website for your business, but you’re not really seeing any results from it, it’s not your website’s fault 🙂


A website is just part of it.

What makes it tick is that your website should be a part of the overall marketing blueprint that will bring in more customers to your business.

After all, you want your website to represent your business well, so a more professional, and modern look is going to let your business stand out against the rest.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Your website should be dynamic enough to capture leads.

These leads then will be nurtured, and turn them into customers by your marketing machine.


3. “We see great results from TV, newspaper, and radio advertisements.”


TV Ads

Some small business owners seem to think that because they see great results from their existing marketing they don’t need to invest in internet marketing as well.

After all, if you’re getting a consistent stream of customers through newspaper ads, or radio ads, then why would you need to look into online marketing?

The thing is, it’s not about your website or any other aspect of online marketing replacing what you’re currently doing. It’s about your online presence complementing your current marketing, and adding to the results you see now.

It’s also important to note that online advertising and an online presence will attract many additional customers who don’t read the newspaper, listen to the radio, or watch the TV station on which you’re advertising.

That means you can see much greater success by adding internet marketing to your current business, rather than replacing what you’re currently doing.


2. “We don’t sell anything online.”


One of the most common reasons business owners think they don’t need online marketing is because they think their business isn’t suitable for selling products or services online.

That might be the case of restaurants, mechanics or plumbers, where their business is location-dependent, but even then, these businesses could incorporate a booking system online, a lead capture system, or even a general promotion on their website.

Marketing online isn’t just about selling things online; it’s also about promoting your business and getting people to email you, call you, or walk through your doors.

Not all sales will occur online, but most of them start there.


1. “We just don’t think we’re interested right now.”



“What is this shit?”

Ok fine. It’s your call.

But can’t you just see the value online marketing has for you?

Customers are online. They are searching for solutions for their problems.

They searching for products.

they are searching for services.

You should be there when they need you

If your business is not online, you’re letting customers slip through your hands and into the hands of your competitors.



So, these are some of the reasons why some businesses are still reluctant to bring their business online.

But you see, investing in an effective online marketing is going to bring in more customers, more traffic, and more business than if you continue to ignore the internet.

Doing internet or online marketing isn’t going to replace anything you’re currently doing, and it’s not going to significantly add to the amount of work you’re doing now.

Once you have your online marketing strategy setup, it will be like your own sales person, working around the clock to promote your business.

And you will be able to reap the benefits for many years to come.

If there are still questions or doubts about it, then contact us today. We will discuss how online marketing can help you.

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