About Inematics Digital Marketing


Inematics Digital Marketing is founded by Jun Rosacia with the vision of providing results oriented marketing solution.

We are an agency in the Philippines offering leads generation services. It is a company of well-experienced team. We are a group of dedicated and enthusiastic professionals ready to provide you the services you need to grow your business online. We actively train our staff so we can answer today’s marketing challenges.

Our team is backed up with years of hands on experience on marketing, design, engineering, implementation, and technical support services. We have served clients pertaining to different sizes of organizations.

About Jun Rosacia

Jun Rosacia
Jun Rosacia is a former state university instructor in Eastern Visayas University, Philippines. He taught in undergrad and graduate programs like Web Engineering and other IT related programs. He was also involved in several outreach programs sponsored by the university where he previously worked.

He graduated at Hannam University Korea in 2005, completed his Masters Degree, he became the Head of Multimedia in EVSU and spearheaded the university’s website (www.evsu.edu.ph).

He shifted from the one being geeky to a marketing street smart by investing in educating himself and involving in several digital marketing related projects.

And yes, before I forget:

Jun loves chocolate and its varieties. Although he doesn’t have one, he loves dogs too! Well, just letting you know that he is a normal person though weird at times. And yes, he is passionate about helping businesses attract more leads, nurture them into qualified prospects and turn them into more high paying customers.