A Guide To Grow Your Business Using Social Media Marketing Plan


Many of us find it overwhelming to start something from the very beginning. Whether it’s rock climbing or cooking a particular dish for the very first time, we generally don’t know where to start.

Same is with a social media marketing plan.

social media marketing


We all think that it will be difficult to create one especially the newbies. We see others are becoming successful through social media and creating a plan can be daunting for many beginners.

They sometimes don’t know what to include and which sites to use for their marketing strategy.

Here is a guide to grow your business using social media marketing plan.

This post will guide you with these simple steps in crafting your social media marketing plan that will help you connect with your customers and grow your business.

With the correct approach, you can be assured that your strategy will work from day one. Read on…


Firstly, what is a social media marketing plan?

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention to your business through different websites associated with social media.

Your marketing plan is to summarize everything you wish to achieve in your business through these social media networks.

The plan should include an assessment of your accounts as well as your objectives to where you want them in the future.

Also, the plan should comprise of how you will take your business to the heights you want them.

Your planning should be detailed and to the point.

Don’t make your social media marketing strategy so extensive as it might not be achievable.

The plan will be your guideline for your actions and decide whether you are succeeding or failing at your attempts. Here are the steps:


Step 1: Create your goals and stick to them


The first step to creating a successful social media marketing strategy that will grow your business is to create a game plan with objectives and goals that you hope to achieve.

These goals will allow you to foresee if they are not meeting your standards. With these goals, you can easily calculate your investments as well as adjust them according to your success or failure.

To start out with your social media marketing plan you can simply write down at least three goals in the beginning.

You determine when the goals can be achieved as well as decide how you will achieve them.

For example in Twitter, you can decide how many tweets you expect in one thread.

Also for Instagram you can decide to post 3 photos per week and your goal is to get at least 30 likes per picture.

Your goals should also go beyond the traditional tweets, likes and comments.

They should also take into consideration the overall traffic generated by the social media networking site as well as the public’s response to the particular network.


Step 2: Conduct an audit for the Social Media


Before starting working on a new social media marketing plan, you should take into account your current social media use and how it’s affecting the overall outlook of your business.

For this, you need to figure out which type of users are connected to your social media as well as the social media sites you use and how your web presence is compared to your rival companies.

Your social media marketing plan should comprise of a mission statement for every social network account.

A one sentence statement will help you keep your attention on the primary goal you want to achieve with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other networks.

The goal will guide you as well as keep track if a particular network is not giving you the results that you desire.

It will also help you understand that all social networks are not good for everything.

For example, Instagram is great for selling clothes but if you want to promote a construction supplies business then Facebook might be a better choice.

Take your time to figure out the purpose of all your social media accounts.

If you don’t understand the purpose, then it’s better to delete the particular account.


Step 3: Create and update your accounts

Once you have a clear understanding of your accounts, it’s time to work on improving your online presence. Decide which networks are best for your business.

If you don’t have a social media account then you have to create one.

If you do have an existing account, then update them with all your information to attain the best results.

Each social network has a different audience and they should all be treated differently.

Your social media profiles should be filled completely and should consist of the required images to seek more web traffic.


Step 4: Be inspired from other competitors and industry leaders


Your consumers, as well as your competitors, are already active on social media.

Take inspirations and ideas from your rival companies’ social media profile and turn them into your great social media account.

Review the responses from the users to other companies and take them into improving your profile.  Listen to what is appealing to consumers and apply it in your business.

Take ideas from your consumers on how they share their content in social media.

Try to mimic the style and phrases of your potential customers in their tweets and comments while keeping your business distinct.

Try to learn their social media habits on why and when they post and use it in your marketing plan.

The leaders of the industry are also helpful in making a marketing plan of your company. T

he big names like Taco Bell, McDonalds, KLM airlines; Tangerine Bank, etc are doing an incredible job in marketing their offerings on social media.

Follow how they advertise and learn everything that you can. Research if they have shared any advice on marketing in social media online.


Step 5: Create a content plan and a calendar


Good content is important in the success of social media.

Your marketing plan should include the strategies for creating content as well as how you will sort your content and display on the web.

The plan should also comprise of an editorial calendar which lists the when and where you want to start your marketing.

You should be able to answer the following question from your content marketing plan:

  • Which content you wish to post and promote through social media.
  • How often will you post the content
  • Who is your targeted audience
  • Who will be the creator of your content
  • How will you promote your content

Your editorial calendar should list the dates and times as when to post your blog posts, Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter, etc. Create a calendar and schedule your messages in advance so you don’t have to update them throughout the day.

Your calendar should display the mission that you’ve decided for each social profile. If the purpose of your LinkedIn account is to produce more leads, then make sure that you are adding enough content to achieve the leads.


Step 6: Test and adjust your social media marketing plan


You should put your social media marketing plan in a testing phase to see if any adjustments are needed in your strategy.

Test your every action and track the visits on your page with Google analytics.

Keep track of all your success and failure and adjust them according to customer’s reactions.

Surveys are also a good method to analyze your achievements. Take opinions from your social media followers, the users in your email list and the visitors of your website on how you are doing in social media network.

Although this approach is very direct but it has been proven to be very effective. You can also question your offline customers if social media had an impact on them being your customers. These polls are valuable and you will know where to improve from them.


Final Thoughts

Your social media marketing plan shouldn’t be written on the stone.

Bringing constant change to your social media marketing plan is very important in succeeding.

You should add new networks to your plan as soon as they come up in the market.

You should also adjust your goals and add more when you reach them.

New challenges will also need to be addressed. As your business reaches new levels of success, you might want to add or expand your online presence to different branches or country.

Your plan should be flexible and open to any changes that you can make as needed. Keep rewriting your plan as you think of new ways to be updated via social networking.

Always keep other members in your team and colleague informed about your plans and any update you make to your strategy.

Hope these guidelines help you in achieving your goals through the social media marketing plan.

Remember if you don’t target the correct audience, you may be putting your business to risk with wrong promotion. Set clear goals and follow them thoroughly.

If you need help in social media marketing, we can help you. Contact us.

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