How To Get More Leads and Customers Without Spending More on Ads

Learn Facebook Ads

Facebook™ is still, hands-down, the choice of online ads platform for so many marketers.

If you’re stil thinking if running FB Ads is for you, quick answer is: YES!

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you how to get more leads and customers without spending more on ads.

Among other things during our planning when running Facebook Ads, these are the top things we need to nail down:

1. Get Solid With Your Offer

Before you even start creating ads, choose the best offer that you’ll going to promote. The aim is to make your target market “raise their hands” to your offer as if to say “Yes, I want that!”

Really pin-point your unique solution to your market’s problems or wants, present to them your irresistible offer, then have them come to you and start communicating with you.

Your offer could be something that will attract them to you; something that is very easy for them to say “Yes” to your offer.

Offers like 50% off or other discounts, free tasting, free cleaning, free teeth whitening, free membership, free coaching, or anything more attractive can be used to attract more leads, clients, or customers.

If you’re a dentist, one example of offer that you can promote online is free teeth whitening service, but it goes more than that. It is not just a teeth whitening service for ALL who have teeth, but specifically targeting brides to be, as an example.

Another example here is from one of our clients. They are a Beach Resort, but not just a beach resort, but a place for company team building and outing. That is, in a resort.

get more leads through facebook ads - inematics digital marketing



2. Identify Your Market


I remember someone saying something like this, “If you market to everyone, you attract no one”.

Marketing is more effective if it is targeted.

When running ads, specify your target market’s location, age, gender, their interests and others that are available on the platform. You all do these inside Ads Manager.

get more leads - right targeting


The question you must answer is “Who is your ideal client?”


Learn Facebook Ads

I remember I was consulting with an insurance agent. I asked him about who is his target market. His answer was, “Everyone that has money”. I don’t think that would be it but he is not wrong though. However, just because a person has money does not mean that he is already your target market or he will buy insurance. There is something more than “buying insurance” this person or this prospect wants in order to engage business with you.

Most of the gurus out there will tell you to niche down. Meaning, you have to identify what industry you would like your business to serve.

I don’t like that. I would rather be selectively broad with the industries I will be working with and focus on their main problem than to niche down.

As an example, for my consulting and digital marketing service, I serve dental offices, resort businesses, home renovation companies, and online coaches. They are different in different industries, but they have one common problem that I’m hired by them to solve it; that is growing their clients’ base.

This can go on a lengthy discussion and training but the main point is, identify clearly your target market and present them your solution to their problem.


3. Reach Your Market With That Offer With Facebook Marketing Campaign


Facebook, with a monthly active users of 2.38 billion in the First Quarter of 2019 (Source: Statista), undoubtedly the best platform to reach your target audience.

It is the best platform to:

  • raise awareness
  • acquire customers
  • provide support


Learn Facebook Ads

For me, it is the perfect platform to be used by businesses looking to get more leads and customers. It allows you to craft ads that appear in the newsfeed of your target market.

Whatever you are selling, you can find people who are interested in what you are offering. Don’t believe me? Try finding people who are interested in Coconut Jam:


get more leads - ads manager - inematics digital marketing


Plan a full Facebook ads marketing campaign targeting a particular segment and create a message that resonates with your target audience.

This campaign will bring your customer into a journey of knowing you, liking you, and trusting you to hand out their money and do business with you.

“But Jun, I thought we will not spend on ads? Why are you recommending Facebook Ads then?”


But I said, “without spending MORE on ads”.

You will spend some money on ads, you have to.

When done correctly, you could generate more leads at lower CPL.

Look at how we managed to lower down the Cost Per Lead in one of our clients:

From $40 to less than $7 Cost Per Lead.


Always keep this in mind…..

The fastest way to get your business near your market is run ads where they can be found.

You can’t expect your business to grow without leads that will be turned into paying customers.

Customers, when taken care of, provide more revenues to your business.


Your target market is online, go get them.

Develop a strategy to gather your leads and if you want help, I can help you.

With that, I’ve created an online community where you will discover how to generate leads and sales using effective Facebook Ads Campaign. Inside this community, you’ll get access to the trainings where I will be sharing with you how to generate leads using the strategy that I use together when running ads.

Join us by clicking the button below.

Learn Facebook Ads

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