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Online Dental Marketing: 4 Ideas To Get More High Paying Patients

Do you need help in generating more people to call you and book an appointment with you? Contact us.


Online dental marketing is something that is so important that brings in more patients to your dental practice but you are just ignoring it.

You may have just opened your dental clinic and begin with your dental practice..
Or you’re already up and running for quite some time now and wondering how to scale up your business by bringing in more patients.

There are ways online marketing can help you bring patients to your dental practice.

Does this sound like something you want know?

How to market your dental clinic better than asking for referrals:

Being serious in getting your dental practice out in the market, as a dentist, you know a lot of methods that will likely increase the number of patients seeking your service.

One of them, which I think is the most famous way of bringing in patients, is by word of mouth referral. This works; however, this kind of marketing works so slowly now and may not be as effective.

In this short post are the four innovative and easy online dental marketing ideas that can help you find new patients.

These are just simple yet powerful methods or ways to boost the number of patients coming to your clinic. You may be ignoring this, but trust me, successful and profitable dental clinics are using this as part of their marketing campaign.


1) Facebook Marketing

Yes. Not just social media but specifically Facebook.

We all know that there are billions of users hanging out on Facebook. According to Wikipedia, as of June 30, 2016, there are 1.71 billion monthly active users.

Of course, you won’t be marketing to that huge number of population worldwide, but, Facebook allows you to specifically target your audience and market to them.

If you’re offering a premium dental service that can only people with money (I mean big amount of money) to spend, you can slap that service of yours into them specifically.

Other than marketing on Facebook, it’s also a very good platform to build and grow your customers’ base. It’s a tool used to reach customers that are online.

If referral is your way to grow business, Facebook is the place to be in. Remember “posts sharing”? That button on that Facebook post labelled as “Share”? That is a more powerful referral as your satisfied, happy client or patient spread the word about how they are pleased with your dental service.

Instead of offline referral which is done maybe one on one, one share of referral on Facebook is potential to reach hundreds of eye-balls who are willing to make an appointment with you.


2) An Impressive Website

Facebook is very important and should not be ignored, but an impressive website is equally as important for your business growth. As we all know it, people perceive as a professional in what you do and they see you as reputable when you have an impressive website.

It’s not only about creating impressive, beautifully designed website, but also a website that illustrate to potential clients that you offer a reliable and trustworthy practice.

The goal of your website should be to increase viewership and traffic, which can be done with a variety of different methods.


3) Uploading Videos

Include informative or even entertaining videos on your website. This demonstrates to your clients that you are an expert in what you do and you can be trusted.

Having videos on your website, or even your YouTube channel give your patients the idea on what to expect they visit your clinic.

You may demonstrate on your video the very basic of how you perform the services that you offer.

It’s also are a very good way to showcase your personality to your clients or patients.
Make your videos interesting and informative.

You have to provide value through your videos to attract more patients for your practice.


4) Blog

Either video blog or written blog posts or mix of these two works fine.

But in this section, I’m going to talk about written blog posts.

Not all website visitors would love to watch videos.

Some of them prefer reading blog posts as sometimes the strength or speed of the Internet where they are currently at is not suitable for viewing videos.

The purpose of written blog post is not just to drive traffic to your website, but also to provide value to your website visitors.

To save time, you may transcribe your videos and edit it to be suitable for blog post.


Of all these, which one do I recommend most?

Facebook marketing. Yes, that’s what I’m recommending.

I’m not saying that you ignore the rest. But let me tell you this: Implementing Facebook marketing for your dental services alone can help you generate tons of people that will walk to your door.

The aim here initially is to get your target leads book an appointment with you, go to your clinic and from there you get them into your up-sell sequence and make them your long-term patients.

By using Facebook, you can position your service in front of many interested people. And by “interested people”, it means people who are already looking for your service. The only key here is to make your offer so good, so irresistible, a no-brainer offer that will make them want to book an appointment with you.


So, do you need help in generating more people to call you and book an appointment with you? Contact us.





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